Our mission is to provide accessible, classical theatre realized for a contemporary audience.

Our Vision

We believe art is for everyone. By providing accessible classical productions in innovative and compelling ways, we intend to ignite the power of theatre to illuminate, inspire, and foster our ability to live, locally and globally, in connection with each other.

We believe in accessing the classics through intersectional storytelling and a commitment to excellence, so they become alive--relevant-- visceral—to the widest possible audience. Gatherings of audience and artists add immeasurably to the quality of life in our regional community, resonating long after the experience has ended. The classics are an important cultural touchstone, expressing the humanity that exists across borders and generations, affirming that we are more similar than separate.

Our Values

At Island Shakespeare Festival, the center of everything we do is reflected in our values. We believe in:

Anti-Racism: We acknowledge the many ways we have been complicit in the racism that exists in our society and in our field and we believe liberation is necessary for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We commit to work to dismantle systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression in ourselves, our work, our organization, and our community.

Accessibility: We believe in three pillars of accessibility. One, that art should be available to all, regardless of financial constraints. Two, that classic theatre should be engaging and resonant to a modern audience. Three, that we meet the needs of ability impaired audience members so everyone can enjoy the multi-sensory experience of live theatre.

Intersectional Inclusivity: We believe that classic theatre belongs to everyone, and we strive for inclusivity and representation of the scope of humanity in our audiences and in our company of artists.

Excellence: We believe excellence is iterative. Never resting on our past accomplishments, we relentlessly strive to improve even in the smallest of ways.

Sustainability: To us, sustainability is foundational. We seek to build a base so that we may persist with financial, environmental, and creative endurance.