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1.9: Food, Family, Fallstaff
1.8: The Veil of Ignorance
1.7: The Tragedy of the Commons
1.6: How Should I Love?
1.5: Remember You Must Die
1.4: The Myth of Universality
1.3: Antifragile
1.2: Shakespeare vs. The Plague
1.1: Casting for Culture

The Bard’s words burn bright in this dramatic, devised experience created under Covid-19 restrictions. Musings of Fire, conceived as a response to the social movements of our time, directs a siren song inward – “knock, and ask your heart what it doth know” – while exploring strife and harmony in our culture. This world premiere, produced in partnership with the University of Kansas and featuring a mix of professional and student actors will resonate with anyone concerned about humanity, brutality, and culture.

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