Island Shakespeare Festival

Davion Tynarious Brown (he/him; It Takes Guts) is a second-year grad student at University of Tennessee/Knoxville, working toward his MFA in Acting. Before joining the UTK roster, Davion spent the previous three years touring the States as a freelance Actor. Being cast in a cornucopia of productions, Davion has held an assortment of iconic roles. Characters such as Hamlet (Hamlet), Macbeth (Macbeth), George Murchison (A Raisin in The Sun), Joseph Garcin (No Exit), Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood), and many more. Davion is also touted as an actor of great versatility, cast in several productions where he seamlessly plays a multitude of characters within one show. Shows such as; The Laramie Project, Corpus Christi, Metamorphosis, and Henry V, to name a few. This is Davion's first time working with Island Shakespeare Festival, and he is very excited to be a part of ISF's Tales From The Vomitorium series! Lastly, Davion would like to thank You for supporting the Arts, and her Artists!

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