Theater is for everyone! That's why ISF champions the pay-what-you-will model. If you’re flush, pay it forward. If you have less, you are always welcome to the show, no matter what you can afford.

For early access, become a sustainer today!  

Please support us in strengthening access and sustainability for our programming. While reservations are available for purchase, there will always be seats held for audience members without a reservation who wish to pay-what-you-will after the show. 

* We aim to average $30 per seat to ensure program sustainability 

Whether you reserve seats or pay after the performance, we invite you to evaluate your ability to pay for your experience according to the following guidelines. Please consider the options that feel the most in alignment with your current circumstances: 

Consider paying $50 or more if you... 

  • Feel you can afford to do so.
  • Are or were consistently well compensated for your work.
  • Live with financial and housing security.
  • Would like to help cover the cost of a fellow attendee who is not in the position to offer payment.

Consider paying $30* if you... 

  • Feel you can afford to do so.
  • Have adequate financial resources and housing stability.
  • Are or were consistently compensated for your work at or beyond a living wage.

Consider paying $15 if you... 

  • Feel you can afford to do so.
  • Are or were compensated for your work below a living wage.
  • Are additionally paying for a youth or dependent.

Consider paying what you will after the show if you… 

  • Feel you can afford whatever is in your pocket the day of the performance.
  • Do not feel compelled to plan ahead with a reservation.
  • Would like to add an additional donation after you’ve experienced this wonderful production!