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Summer 2023

We dedicate this season to the many theatre companies in our midst who are closing, recalibrating, and reinventing their models. This season at ISF looks a little different, too. We realized last year that a three-show season wasn’t conducive to living our values of sustainability and anti-oppression, or to our growth trajectory. Instead of three, we’ve selected two wonderful plays to pair: one of the most iconic classics of all time (Romeo & Juliet), and one that should be (A Bold Stroke for a Husband).

In Romeo and Juliet, feuding families, teenage rebellion, and romance collide in tragedy, leaving generation after generation of audiences mourning, "for never was a tale of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo." This production is one of reconciliation.

Hannah Cowley’s A Bold Stroke for a Husband (1783) has all the hijinks and hilarity of Shakespeare’s best comedic tropes, with the feminist commentary one might expect from a woman playwright. With this production, we are delighted and proud to bring the work of Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre to our community and our stage. They’re making space in the classical canon for the multitude of incredible hundreds-of-years old plays written by people other than men! Their project to Expand the Canon helps us all recognize how many more historical perspectives we have access to, and how we must commit to share them.

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