What if Juliet Capulet was a 21st-century teen with a YouTube vlog? This episodic series seeks to explore and play within that question, lifting Juliet off the pages of this 400 year old play, and placing her at the forefront of her own story. The different episodes feature actors from past and future ISF productions, as well as other Nashville-based actors.

Follow along with Juliet as her story unfolds:

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Cast and Crew

Abbey Rhyne (she/her) Juliet/Filmmaker/Director
Morgan Davis (she/her) Lady Capulet/Writer/Show runner
Santiago Sosa (he/him) Prince/Script editor/Show runner
Ayla Williams (she/her) Rosaline
Juan Graterol (he/him) Mercutio
Joe Leitess (he/him) Tybalt
Sean Martin (he/him) Capulet
Shannon Hoppe (she/her) Nurse
Mitchell Davis (he/him) Music Creator

*All COVID-19 safety protocols were followed during the making of this project